Armoni Easley

Armoni Easley

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Armoni is a distinguished Social Impact Entrepreneur with 15 years of professional experience in his field. One of the ways he has made an impact is with the Co-founding of Project Optimism, Inc., an organization dedicated to fostering positive youth development through mentorship and leadership programs. Under Armoni’s guidance, Project Optimism has flourished, impacting hundreds of young lives on a weekly basis.

Following the success of Project Optimism, Armoni ventured into the establishment of Easley Done & Company, responding to the growing demand for their unique talents and expertise. As a renowned speaker, consultant, and workshop facilitator, Armoni has cultivated a reputation as an Empowerment Facilitator, delivering transformative workshops across California where he brings enthusiastic energy no matter if it is thousands of attendees or intimidate settings.

With a profound sense of purpose, Armoni embraced authorship, penning the acclaimed LifeWork—a testament to a person’s overall calling and commitment to their self-development journey in a written and/or discussion-based experience. LifeWork has garnered widespread acclaim, selling thousands of copies and profoundly touching countless lives.

Armoni’s unwavering passion for empowering others, coupled with his commitment to fostering inclusive communities, continues to inspire and uplift individuals across diverse spheres of society. At the end of the day, what really matters to Armoni are his undying faith, the warmth of family, the fulfillment of giving back, and the simple pleasure of driving a classic car on a summer day with no destination other than the present moment.