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Dr. Derrick W. Booth

Board Member

Dr. Derrick W. Booth has served more than 18 years in higher education. He is currently serving American River College (ARC) as the Dean and Athletic Director. Prior to that he has been successful as the Dean of Business and Computer Science and the Assistant Dean of Science and Engineering ARC. Dr. Booth was the principal investigator of the high for the Basic and Advanced Science and Technology Academies of Research (B A STAR). The highly successful B A STAR program was designed by Booth and was funded by a 5-year, $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation. Booth oversaw the many successful activities of the program throughout the year including a Leadership Development Conference, a Science and Engineering Research Symposium, and one Basic STAR and five Advanced STAR summer programs.

Dr. Booth has worked closely with the Association of California Community College Administrators. For 6 years he served as their Mentor Program co-chair and 2 years as a team member. He was also elected to 2 terms as a board member before termimg out.

Dr. Booth also worked at Butte Community College as the Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) Director. In that role he was responsible for the recruitment and retention of students intending to seek degrees in mathematics, engineering and science. Booth worked with industry and academic partners to expose students to the various work and academic opportunities available to them.

In addition to his duties at Butte College, Dr. Booth served as the MESA Statewide BOD representative for the community college division as well as the Chief Officer for the California Association of MESA Directors (CAMD). In partnership with two other MESA directors, Dr. Booth developed the academic excellence workshops model and training program for AEW facilitators.

Dr. Booth is a graduate of the University of Washington where he earned a Master’s and Doctorate in Environmental Engineering. He is a Minority Engineering Program alumnus from the California State University, Chico where he earned a Bachelor’s in Physics.