Krystle Tonga

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Krystle Tonga

Director of Training

An accomplished trainer and facilitator, Krystle is the power house behind AES’s youth advocacy and leadership retreats. An Assistant Program Coordinator at the Cross Cultural Leadership Center, Krystle is committed to working with first generation college students to help them get into college and graduate.

Krystle is a graduate of California State University Chico. By getting involved on campus as an undergraduate, Krystle was exposed to great leadership opportunities and was able to develop her skills as a trainer and facilitator. After working with the Educational Opportunity Program, and being involved with various student organizations on campus, Krystle secured her current position as an Assistant Program Coordinator at the Cross Cultural Leadership Center.

Krystle was raised in Reno, NV and is currently a graduate student in the Masters in Public Administration Program. She is committed to continuing her work as an activist, and hopes to start a non-profit organization that helps advocate for civil rights and civil liberties. She is the first member of her family to obtain a college degree.