Sacramento Youth Town Hall


Date & Time: May 13, 2017: 10am-1pm
Location: George Sim Community Center, 6207 Logan Street, Sacramento,
CA, 95824 (Breakfast and lunch will be served.)

The Youth Town Hall is one in a series of opportunities for Sacramento Youth to stand up and speak out in issues that are important to them. On May 13th, young people are invited to speak with Mayor Darrell Steinberg and other elected officials on important needs and issues that matter to young people.
This is an opportunity for youth to exercise their civic responsibility and voice their preference for certain policies, ideas, and issues.

Why a Town Hall?

Sacramento is home to approximately 120,000 children and youth; a critical resource for the city’s future. The City does its best to meet the needs of youth with limited resources.
Under the direction of Mayor Steinberg and the City Council, the City of Sacramento is embarking on an ambitious effort to change the way it works with and supports children and youth. As part of that work, it’s critical that opportunities be created so that the voices of youth be included in the conversations about their futures. The Youth Town Hall is one those times.

What’s changing in the City?

In June 2016, Sacramento voters were asked to vote on Measure Y that would have created the Sacramento Children’s Fund (a protected source of money for youth programs and services) and a Sacramento Department of Youth Services. Measure Y lost by less than 1%, and although it wasn’t passed, the voters of Sacramento sent a strong message to the City about what they want.

In Fall 2016, Councilmember Schenirer introduced an ordinance to do the same thing Measure Y would have done: create the Sacramento Children’s Fund and the Department of Youth Services. That ordinance never made it to the City Council for a full vote.
Mayor Steinberg, who took office in January 2017, has stated that one of his top three priorities is youth.

What will come out of the Town Hall?

The purpose of the Town Hall is to start talking about real, authentic youth-driven solutions for the Mayor and Councilmembers as they think about how to make sure all young people in Sacramento have the supports and opportunities they need to succeed. The suggestions that come out of the Town Hall will be shared with the City Manager and the planning team making recommendations to the Mayor and City Council members. It will also be shared with all City Council members and their staff and used to help make decisions based on the real needs of young people.

Through this process we hope all new City policies will begin to reflect and meet the real needs of children and youth in our communities. We also hope this is the start of ongoing conversations with young people. There will be more opportunities to continue working on these issues.