Sacramento Youth Alliance Community Action Team: What We Do

SYA CAT Vision:

All Sacramento youth will have the same opportunities to be educated and thrive, and will be provided opportunities to be engaged, productive and successful members of their communities.

Interested in Being a Member or In Supporting Our Work ? Individuals and Organizations are Invited to Join.

I joined the SYA CAT to make sure ALL young people in Sacramento will have more opportunities in their future,” Jacie McCalister, High School Junior.

Our Vision for Sacramento:

Sacramento will be a city that has eliminated the barriers to success for all young people by investing in programs and policies that give youth a pathway out of poverty and pipeline through college.

Join the SYA CAT for their monthly meetings or email us at syacat@aesimpact.org to learn more about how you can get involved, be trained and supported as a change maker and make a difference in your community. There are many ways to be involved in the SYA CAT:

Monthly SYA CAT Meetings

The SYA CAT youth advocates meet monthly and welcome new and interested youth to all meetings. Meetings are an opportunity to welcome new members, learn about the work of SYA and help strategize on how best to ensure youth voice is engaged on all levels in the Sacramento area. Attending the monthly meeting will give you a chance to meet other members of the SYA CAT and to find how you can become involved in this youth led advocacy network.

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month from 6pm -8pm.
Check the calendar for dates and location, or for more info email us at: syacat@aesimpact.org

Community Outreach

SYA lead advocates regularly go into the community to share information about the CAT, OYU and the social change work they are engaged in at the City, State and National Level.

  • Conferences and Gatherings: SYA has been invited to several national conferences to present and co-facilitate workshops about the work of the Sacramento and the SYA CAT. Being part of the National Opportunity Youth United Network affords SYA a national platform to both share lessons learned and to learn from other cities.
    • As part of the national OYU network SYA CAT developed this short voter guide to help young people get engaged and informed about the election and their local candidates.

Policy Work

The SYA CAT is actively engaged in mobilizing their peers in support of youth centered policies at the State and City level and ensuring that policy makers meet with and hear from young people before policies that affect their lives are passed.

  • Mobilizing for a Children’s Fund
    Beginning in early 2016 the SYA CAT mobilized young people in support of a Children’s Fund and Department of Youth Services to increase opportunities and access to services and supports for opportunity youth in the city of Sacramento.Between October and December 2016, the SYA Team held a series of public meetings to share the details of the Children’s Fund Ordinance, and to solicit feedback and recommendations from attending youth. Over 25 youth contributed over the course of the meetings.This resulted in POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS RELATING TO THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A DEPARTMENT OF YOUTH AND THE SACRAMENTO CHILDREN’S FUND. This was a unique opportunity to have the voices and concerns of youth heard and addressed prior to a policy being passed and SYA members hoped it would help set a baseline for the way the City chooses to engage and work with youth in the future.
  • City Council Meetings
    SYA CAT youth speak regularly at Sacramento City Council meetings, and mobilize youth and adult allies from other youth groups and community organizations to speak during public comment.
  • Meeting with Policy Makers
    SYA advocates help build social connections between youth, policy makers and community and regularly meet with policy makers and their staff to ensure youth voice is heard in the crafting of new policies or programs for young people.
  • Community and Planning Meetings
    Throughout the year SYA members regularly attend community and planning meetings that are focused on youth services or programs. Their input has been invaluable in helping the adults in the room understand the needs and realities of young people.

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