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What is the meaning of student engagement?

Student engagement is the connection between students, the university and its programs. This article defines what student engagement is and how it can be measured in different ways, including what activities can help increase retention and retention rates. What is student engagement? Student engagement is defined as the level of involvement they have in their […]

What is Youth advocacy and why do we need it?

Youth advocacy is the process of identifying, understanding, and addressing issues that are important to young people. By advocating for kids in school, communities, and society at large, we can empower them to take on responsibility for their own safety and well-being. This article discusses what youth advocacy is, why it’s so important to have […]

Why is youth voice important?

Youth voice is highly important in a democracy. It is the voice of the next generation, and it can help prevent social problems like bullying and low self-esteem because they have no previous experiences with them. They are also more likely to speak out against injustices that happen to them because they have not been […]

Why is meaningful youth engagement important?

Youth engagement is important because it allows young people to take part in activities that can help them feel a sense of purpose and happiness. But what does youth engagement really mean? What are the different elements of a meaningful youth engagement strategy? Take a look at this article for more information about youth engagement […]

How to create a positive learning environment

Do your students dread homework each night and spend their days dreading school? Does it sometimes feel as if there’s no joy coming from the educational experience at your school, supporting them to become life-long learners? Instead of disengaging from the educational system, take a deep breath, consider what caused the negative atmosphere, and consider […]

Empowering the empowered – An AES Board Empowerment Training

Empowering the empowered – An AES Board Empowerment Training On Saturday, February 22nd, the AES Board of Directors met for a team building experience like no other. Since the culmination of our new board members, late last year, we have been looking forward to the opportunity to provide the team with an immersive experience into […]

Publishing Youth Voice in Sacramento

Publishing Youth Voice in Sacramento A small group of young folks are doing big things in Sacramento. The Sacramento Zeitgeist: Voices of Now is a startup magazine to help empower members of the local community. “We wish to educate readers about issues in the Sacramento area, urging them to become more politically engaged”, says founder, […]

SYA: Purpose Beyond Policing

SYA: Purpose Beyond Policing On Saturday, January 18, the Sacramento Police Department partnered with Alliance for Education Solutions, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, and The Hawk Institute to start a dialogue with young folks regarding policing throughout the county. Purpose Beyond Policing was developed in the wake of controversial policing situations that left tensions high between […]

Gala of Giving 2019

  Gala of Giving 2019 Saturday, November 2nd AES hosted its first annual Gala of Giving. Friends, family, and AES Heart Heroes from all over the nation attended a spectacular evening of, love, generosity, and empowerment. The night began with a cocktail hour, games that helped teach the history of AES, a Silent Auction, and […]

AES: Voices of Change

AES: Voices of Change As last week came to a close, ten young individuals came together to share their reality and their truth during AES’ Voices of Change. Throughout the night, the participants shared their skills with the audience in a chosen category: singing, rapping, dancing, poetry, and spoken word. There were laughs, cheers, support, […]