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The Davitto Leadership Academy is a certificated youth mentoring and leadership program for ages 16-24, with an interest in social justice or political advocacy and who want to make a difference in the Sacramento community.

Participants attend training sessions to learn leadership skills and how to put those skills into action. They develop a plan to address a school or community issue that they are passionate about changing and are matched with an adult mentor who will coach them as they develop and execute their plans.

Through this experience, participants develop cross-cultural, cross-generational relationships with their peers, peer mentors, and adult mentors, giving participants skills to be effective youth advocates now and contributors in their future workplaces.


The DLA is designed to help youth gain cross-cultural, cross-generational leadership skills and execute a plan to improve their school or community. Participants learn and use advocacy skills to influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions.

Advisory Board Members

2018 Cohort

Peer Mentor and Advisory Board Training

The very first group of DLA Peer Mentors got together to learn mentorship skills, enhance their public speaking, and trained for the very first Cohort of DLA Participants. Peer Mentors learned the importance of leadership by analyzing their true selves with activities that promote trust, communication, and support which are key values that hold true to the Davitto Leadership Academy. After the DLA Mentors met one another, a new group of Advisory Board Mentors for the DLA got together to build relationships with Peer Mentors and understood the importance of cross cultural and cross generational mentorship.

DLA Peer Mentors next to a mural that says, 'Love Sacramento'.

Levels 1-4

DLA Levels 1-4 launched the very first group of DLA Participants, Peer Mentors, and Advisory Board Mentors who got together for the first time to build a community of support through telling their stories and embracing one another. Through this, Participants enhanced their ability to speak about the struggles and issues that make them who they are. By building the necessary trust and support, DLA Participants created long lasting relationships with their Peer Mentors and Advisory Board Mentors that will be used further into the future through cross cultural and cross generational mentorship.

“The DLA has impacted my social life a lot because I got close to many people and learned a lot about them. Now the DLA has impacted my academic life a lot because we did this project that had to do with our passions that we presented today which they really helped me a lot with feedback and support.”
-DLA 2018 Cohort Participant

Why DLA?

 Youth participants gain:
•Transferable skills that they learn to highlight on their resume and in interviews
•Opportunities to apply their learned skills to better their circumstances and community with feedback from their peers, mentors, and community members
•Mentorship from an adult ally that has experience in a focus area of interest
•Empowerment and hope