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From AES initiatives, to events & trips. Check out what Alliance for Education Solutions is up to yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Alliance for Education Solutions

Open House - March 2018
Grad Party - May 2018
board retreat - Feb 2019
breaking the chains Mar 2019
Big Day of Giving May 2019
Board Meeting Aug 2019
voices of change Oct 2019
gala of giving Nov 2019
Upward Bound Nov 2019

Davitto Leadership Academy

DLA Orientation Jul 2018
mentor training Aug 2018
Peer Mentor Training Aug 2018
DLA Cohort 01-L1 Oct 2018
DLA Cohort 01-L2 Nov 2018
DLA Cohort 01-L3 Dec 2018
DLA Cohort 01-L4 Jan 2019
graduation Jan 2019
mentor training Feb 2019
cohort 02-l1 Feb 2019
DLA Cohort 02-L2 Mar 2019
DLA Cohort 02-L3 Mar 2019
DLA Cohort 02-L4 Apr 2019
SYA Initiation May 2019

Sacramento Youth Alliance – Community Action Team

Town Hall 2 Oct 2017
SYA Kickoff Sept 2018
SYA Social Oct 2018
OYU Convening Dec 2018
SYA Kickoff Mar 2019
beyond policing cover pic