#MyAESstory – Alisha

Image of AlishaMy name is Alisha and this is #MyAESstory:

I chose to intern for AES because it is an organization of devoted, courageous individuals that want to change the lives of youth. This is why I wanted to intern with AES – to be a part of its mission. I learned that the AES team is a family, and I feel fortunate that I was able to join the AES family this past summer as an intern.

As a college student, I received valuable experience working with a nonprofit; but even more than that, I was a part of the initiatives that AES is doing to improve the life chance of vulnerable youth. It was inspiring to work alongside a group of individuals that are so dedicated to helping youth.  I also learned to think and dream big. At AES, there are no limits to the change we can make or the barriers we can overcome together.

The work the AES team does is important because they are invested in the lives of our youth. Whether it is by improving their life chances, empowering youth to use their voice, or working towards systematic change, AES is devoted to changing lives. Moreover, AES is unique from other nonprofits because it focused on teaching youth to build cross-generation and cross-cultural relationships.

For Giving Tuesday, I plan to donate, encourage others to donate and volunteer, and encourage young people to sign-up to participate in AES’s programs. AES is a mission-driven organization that I would love to donate and devote time to, and I encourage others to do the same. I hope that AES is able to expand the amazing work it does from the gifts it receives on Giving Tuesday!

My name is Alisha, and this is #MyAESstory. #WhatsYourAESstory?


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