#MyAESstory – Mira

Image of MiraMy name is Mira and this is #MyAESstory:

I am a member of the Sacramento Youth Alliance – Community Action Team and a participant in the Davitto Leadership Academy. I became involved in AES because I wanted to be more involved in my community, but I didn’t know where to start. I was talking about this with a friend, and he mentioned the Sacramento Youth Alliance (SYA). I had no idea what SYA was, but I went to the meeting anyways. I saw how passionate everyone in the room was about youth advocacy, and I was inspired!

When I am around my SYA family, I really feel like I can make a change. They are helping me build my voice while making sure it gets heard. People of my generation are so passionate and SYA helps them gain the skills to express and achieve their vision.

Youth aren’t just the future; we are the changemakers right now! But, without the platform or skills for youth to create that change, our communities and country cannot move forward.  People of all ages should join SYA, especially young people. Adult allies can join too. Click here to learn more about SYA and sign-up to join us!

For Giving Tuesday, I will be encouraging other young people to participate in AES’s programs.

My name is Mira, and this is #MyAESstory. #WhatsYourAESstory?


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