• Building Bridges between Key Stakeholders.
  • Eliminating Barriers to Learning and Success.
  • Opening Doors to Shared and New Opportunities.

Building a Movement

One of AES’s primary goals is to connect previously independent education stakeholders in order to find common ground and work together to advocate for the use of a core set of practices to turn around underperforming schools.

The purpose of this collaborative effort is to create sustainable momentum for the building of high quality learning environments as a cornerstone of California’s efforts to improve under performing schools.

AES works with key education stakeholders including representatives of the California Department of Education, the Association of California School Administrators, non-profit organizations, student and faculty groups. AES also participates in legislative activities and conferences around the State to broaden its alliances.

  1. In March 2015, AES’s Turnaround Principals Workgroup presented at the California Association of African American Superintendents and Administrators (CAAASA) annual conference focusing on Access to Excellence for Students of Color.
  2. In January 2014, one of the principals from AES’s TPWG, Gloria Ervin of San Juan High School in San Juan Unified School District was nominated as a principal of the year by the Association of California School Administrators.
  3. In 2013, AES provided testimony to the California State Legislature, Assembly Select Committee on the Status of Boys and Men of Color; and presented at the California Association of Latino Supervisors and Administrators (CALSA) 2013 Conference.

AES Active Partners

The list of AES active partners continues to grow. It includes:

  • Arata Brothers Trust
  • Berkeley High School (Berkeley Unified)
  • CSU Chico Cross Cultural Leadership Center (CCLC)
  • CSU East Bay Center for STEM Education
  • CSU Los Angeles Alliance for the Study of School Climate (ASSC)
  • Foothill Ranch Middle School (Twin Rivers Unified)
  • San Juan Unified School District
  • San Juan and Encina High School and Starr King k-8 (San Juan Unified)
  • The University of New Hampshire Center for School Climate and Learning
  • The CSU Chico SAGE (Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship)
  • WestEd
  • Sac Kids First:
  • American River College: Youth United:
  • Teams Rising:
  • The Hawk Institute: *
  • Project Optimism: *
  • Feed Sacramento (no website) *

* Recipient organizations of the AES Impact Grant

AES has previously worked with:

  • Chico Unified School District
  • Marysville Joint Unified School District
  • Sacramento City Unified School District
  • Yuba City Joint Unified School District
  • California State University Sacramento
  • Pioneer High School and Whitehead Elementary (Woodland Unified)