Voices of Change


Voices of Change

A youth showcase created to highlight the voice of some of the most marginalized individuals in Sacramento, young people.

My Reality • My Truth

Voices of Change is a youth showcase created to highlight the voice of some of the most marginalized individuals in Sacramento, young people. This showcase represents a platform where young people can demonstrate their talents and passions to their communities inspiring hope and empowering others to believe in their voices.

A Special Thank You to the Talented 2019 DJ, DJ TLDSTR!

(DJ) TLDSTR (pronounced Tildster), also known as Tilda Allen, is 14 years old and is a freshman at C.K. McClatchy High School. She has been a 4.0 student since elementary school. TLDSTR began training as a DJ when she was in 7th grade with DJ LadyChar, LoveBeats. Two years later, she is one of the most seasoned Teenage DJ’s in Sacramento. She cares about social, economic, natural, and political equality and uses her talents to empower females to get into male dominant industries with confidence.

2019 Showcase

Image of AkimaAkima Murphy

Akima Murphy attends both CRC and Sac City College. She loves to write emotionally and without structure so it feels relatable. Akima started writing in class when she felt overwhelmed or stressed. When she noticed others were going through the same thing, spoken word became her outlet and a way to help others. Speaking and writing about mental health allows Akima to be a voice for the voiceless.

Akima’s performance.

Image of AlanaAlana Smith

Alana Smith, our 2019 Voices of Change winner, is a senior at Natomas Charter Performing Fine Arts Academy and maintains a 4.0 GPA. She cares about mass incarceration, equity in education, police brutality, and unequal distribution of resources in urban communities. Alana uses spoken word to spread awareness on important issues that are impactful to the black community. Alana’s goals are to be proactive with activism and to utilize her gifts to be the voice of her generation.

Alana’s performance.

Image of AlejandroAlejandro Twosense Hernandez

Alejandro Twosense Hernandez is a Sac State Alumni. He wishes to spread the gift of creativity and altruism through powerful presence and captivating orations. He cares about suicide prevention and bettering his fellow youths’ self-esteem. His Spoken Word can explicitly talk about social disorders but relay it in a way where “it’s a soft punch first.”

Alejandro’s performance.

Image of DerrickDerrick R. Hunter III

Derrick R. Hunter III likes rap, singing, and writing, He started rapping in 3rd grade because he saw his dad doing it and thought it would be cool to try. Derrick believes that schools and community programs deserve more support. He uses his music to try to connect with others who may have similar experiences.

Derrick’s performance.

Image of DianeDiane Watts

Diane Watts attends Grant Union High School. She works multiple jobs, is an involved student at Grant, and started her own clothing line business at 16 years old. She cares about creating systemic change in education systems throughout communities of color. Through dance, Diane hopes to inspire others to believe in themselves no matter the difficulties and struggles they endure.

Diane’s performance.

Jada Grove

Jada Grove attends Encina High School. Jada likes photography, singing, and poetry. She cares about eliminating poverty and discrimination and uses her talents to help others understand what someone else is going through.

Jada’s performance.

Image of MylesMyles Howard

Myles Howard graduated May 2016 from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering. He began rapping 3 years ago and found his voice when he realized he wanted to inspire youth. Myles care about mental health, underprivileged students not getting needed resources, and the homeless. He uses his talents to empower youth to chase their dreams, no matter what anyone says.

Myles’ performance.

Image of Rakeem

Rakeem Murdoch

Rakeem Murdoch began rapping as a way of living life. The community issue he cares about most is police brutality.  Rakeem uses his talents to share his story with others.

Trayzell WhiteTrayzell White

Trayzell White began rapping when his twin brother and friend got him started. Trayzell cares about children and youth who are not going to school. He uses his rapping talent to mentor others through music.

Trayzell’s performance.

Zharue StephensZharue Stephens

Zharue Stephens attends SES High School and loves to sing and listen to music. Zharue started singing as a kid when his dad and family members encouraged him. Zharue has dedicated himself to music in honor of his dad, who loved music and was murdered through gun violence. Zharue cares about stopping gun violence because of how it affected his family. He believes music can touch a person personally and change our community.

Zharue’s performance.