#MyAESstory – Sophie

Image of SophieMy name is Sophie and this is #MyAESstory:

I became involved with AES after I attended the second city of Sacramento Youth Town Hall. I was greatly impacted by the youth at the event and the event itself. I knew I had to find whoever coordinated the Town Hall because I wanted to become more involved in youth advocacy.

Being a part of SYA has changed me in that I no longer doubt the power of my or my peers’ voices to make a positive impact in our communities. Being a member of SYA has also motivated me to encourage my peers to utilize platforms available to them and to understand that we are creating movement, even if we may not feel as if we are.

The work SYA does is important because we are truly creating ripples and waves in our communities through encouragement in unification of youth to make positive changes for a greater quality of life. Anyone who desires to encourage youth voice and be a changemaker, should join SYA. Learn more about SYA and sign-up to join us!

For Giving Tuesday, I will be encouraging others to donate to, volunteer with AES, and participate in our youth programs.

My name is Sophie, and this is #MyAESstory. #WhatsYourAESstory?


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