How to create a positive learning environment

How to create a positive learning environment

Do your students dread homework each night and spend their days dreading school? Does it sometimes feel as if there’s no joy coming from the educational experience at your school, supporting them to become life-long learners? Instead of disengaging from the educational system, take a deep breath, consider what caused the negative atmosphere, and consider how you can create a more hopeful positivity in campus.

What is a positive learning environment in the classroom

A positive learning environment is one in which students feel safe and comfortable. It is important to create a classroom that promotes a sense of trust, compassion, and self-respect. Having this type of environment helps students to make healthy choices for themselves and the world around them.

Learn how to create a positive teaching environment

Whether you are a teacher, principal or administrator, the following tips will help you create a positive learning environment in your classroom:

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Safety of Learning Environment

The key is to create an environment that’s safe for students, and push for them to take risks. In order to create a positive learning environment, start with creating a safe space where everyone feels welcome, have high-quality materials available, provide incentives for engagement, establish clear rules and expectations, prioritize emotional safety, and focus on self-management skills. 

Good Relationships

The quality of a student’s relationships with their teachers, friends and classmates can have a significant impact on their learning. A positive educational experience is not just about the content that students are taught in school; it is also about the emotional support given to them. As educators, we have to take care of our students by supporting them as individuals. We do this by establishing clear rules, providing constructive feedback and connecting with students on an individual level.

Clear Communication

The process of teaching can be difficult, especially in an educational setting. Teachers have to make sure that they are presenting information in a way that is understandable to students while balancing the instructional time. The biggest struggles often come with how the information is communicated from one person to another when both sides could potentially misunderstand what is happening. 

This tends to leave teachers feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with their tasks at hand. To combat this issue, it’s important for teachers to consider ways in which they can create a positive learning environment for their students. Clear communication can be a huge help in creating this environment by making sure that both parties understand what is happening during the lesson and feel connected to each other.


Trust in Learning Environment

Trust is a cornerstone of every successful learning environment. However, trust can also be a difficult concept to grasp because it is not something that is tangible. Trust has been proven to have many different meanings and can be expressed in different ways depending on the level of trustworthiness of the person being trusted. 

An individual’s trust levels are based on their past interactions with people in general. The more an individual is able to trust someone, the more likely they are to show them loyalty and follow through with their commitments.

Key Takeaways:

Instead of taking a negative approach, educators should take a positive one. When students see teachers as being supportive and understanding, it makes for a better learning experience for them. Additionally, teachers should find ways to reinforce their students’ learning through teaching strategies that involve student-led activities.

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