Why is youth voice important?

Why is youth voice important

Youth voice is highly important in a democracy. It is the voice of the next generation, and it can help prevent social problems like bullying and low self-esteem because they have no previous experiences with them. They are also more likely to speak out against injustices that happen to them because they have not been warned of how dangerous certain behaviors could be.

However, how can we ensure that youth voices are heard? What does youth voice mean? Read on to get all your questions answered!

Youth voice definition

Youth voice is the idea that young people have a voice in society. They are able to bring about change and represent their interests and desires. Youth voice is considered important because young people are more likely to be politically aware and more creative than adults. However, youth voice does not typically mean youth activism, which has become the more mainstream definition of youth voice in recent years.

What does youth Power mean?

Youth power is a concept that suggests the voice of children and adolescents has the potential to change society. Youth power is an important part of building a society where young people are empowered to play a positive role in their own lives and the life of their communities. Youth power is when youth are involved with decision-making processes that affect them.

How can I amplify my youth voice

One of the many dangers of living in a world that silences youth voices is youth losing their connection to broader social and political systems. They become easy prey for predatory organizations that use communication technologies to manipulate them into selling things, getting involved in politics, or even supporting terrorism.

 If you’re concerned about this issue but don’t know where to start, consider launching a campaign for your school, community, club, or organization.

Youth organizations

One of the strongest ways to engage youth in a dialogue about their rights and how to protect them is through working with youth organizations like AES Impact. Youth organizations provide programs that foster civic engagement and give opportunities for young people to voice their opinions. In addition, these organizations offer access to resources such as social services, educational opportunities, cultural events, resources, and advocacy.

Why is a youth perspective important?

Why is a youth perspective important


The youth voice is an important issue, both to society and to itself. As the youngest members of society, they play a critical role in shaping the future of our culture and political life. The youth are uniquely positioned as change makers who have much easier access to the public sphere.

They have strong opinions, know how to influence others, and often have different moral values than their parents or older generations. With their particular strengths comes a unique singularity that is best expressed through youth opinion or perspective.

How to engage youth?

There are many social barriers that prevent youth from speaking their minds and expressing opinions. One of the most prevalent issues is a lack of trust because they believe they are not given a fair chance to be involved or heard. Organizations that can help give voice to this vulnerability are important, especially at a time when lots of research focuses on how social media have the power to transform political advocacy.